Campsite opens Friday 11th July
Campsite closes Monday 14th July

It couldn’t be easier getting to LeeFest, you can do it on a London Oyster card! We encourage you to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using public transport, cycling or car sharing if you must drive.


The two closest stations:

Bromley South Station (easily accessible from Central London and across Kent)
East Croydon Station (easily accessible from Central London, Surrey and the South coast)

Transport to and from these stations to the LeeFest site:

Take The LeeFest Bus (It runs on environmentally friendly chip fat! Timetable to come)
Get  a taxi from Bromley South Cars for a set fee of £15. LeeFest address: Highams Hill Farm, CR6 9PQ



The LeeFest Bus runs from Bromley South Station and East Croydon Station directly to the site, with no stops along the way. It runs on environmentally friendly chip fat! Timetable to come.

The 464 stops outside the LeeFest site, running between Tatsfield, Biggin Hill and New Addington. Check the time table before you set off; countryside buses aren’t too frequent!



You can cycle to our site easily, it’s uphill on the way, but downhill home. Safe bike locking facilities will be provided onsite near the box office and campsite. LeeFest address: Highams Hill Farm, CR6 9PQ



Why not have a nice country walk up to the site? It takes about an hour and a half from Bromley South Station and East Croyden Station, but it’s a lovely leafy walk and there’s no way better to build up a thirst for a pint! LeeFest address: Highams Hill Farm, CR6 9PQ

If you would like help planning a safe/pretty route please email us at We do not advise that you arrive or leave the site in the dark the majority of the country roads do not have street lights.



If you really aren’t convinced by our greener methods then you may drive. There will be ample parking on site for all, but you will have to pay a small surcharge to the planet for the convenience; Mother Nature only accepts cash. To buy a cheaper advanced parking permit please pop into the store.

Please make sure you car share to reduce your impact on the planet. Its free, very easy to organise, and you can split the cost of petrol and parking!


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